iPhone 13 Waterproof Case
iPhone 13 Waterproof Case dustproof shockproof snowproof
military grade iPhone 13 Waterproof Case
iPhone 13 Waterproof Case IP68 Rating
iPhone 13 Waterproof Case Snorkeling swimming diving
Waterproof iPhone 13 Case
iPhone 13 Waterproof Case Wireless Charging


iPhone 13 Waterproof Case Built in Screen Protector IP68 Certified Military Grade Shockproof Rugged Underwater Slim Full Body Protection Dustproof

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iPhone 13 Waterproof Case

with Built-in Screen Protector - Full Sealed - Underwater Case -360 degree Full Body Protection

Ingress Protection - IP68 Certified - Waterproof Rating  - underwater 6.6 feet / 2 meters depth water resistant Survive for 30 minutes

No worry water,perfume,dust,moisture,rain,lotions,oil,sweat, tea,snow or other liquid damage

Proof: Waterproof, Dustproof,Rainproof,Snowproof, Sweatproof,Sandproof, dirtproof, soap proof,oil proof, Life water Splash Proof and so on

Best Performace used for : Swimming, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Surfing, Rafting,Paddle, boating,fishing, wake boarding, jet skiing,take in shower, bathing , beach Game activity, ocean Play and so on

iPhone 13 Underwater Photography, diving with iPhone 13 under IP68


Military-Grade 810G - Drop Proof - Survive 6.6 feet / 2 meters Height Drop Protection

No need to worry accident Drop of your iPhone,impact, shock

Proof: Shockproof, Impact Proof, Life Drop Proof

Best performance use for 

On Business: convenient Carry with and better protection

Outdoor Activity: Hunting,Camping,hiking,climming , trip etc.

Sports Activity: gym,fitness,cycing,football,soccer,yogg,golf,bushwaling,tennis,exercise,athletics,Running, Walking, Biking, Skateboard etc.

Armor Rugged Case - Military Anti Shock Level

Thin and lightweight material providing Heavy duty protection!

Shock Absorbing TPU + PC Plastic instructure Durable Use Design!


With Built in Screen Protector 

submerging in water

Anti Scratch

Better Touch Operation

Transparent Full Protection

HD Clear Front and Back Cover - Original Phone looking

Convenient use - operation the same as iPhone 13 design , no more learn.


Precise cutting out for Port , button ,  speakers

Charging Port- Charging  and Sync no need to take off the case!

Support Wireless Charging!

Easy Snap off / on!


Please Note:

1.You should read the waterproof case instructions carefully and make sure right install.

2.You should use paper to test the waterproof case then used for anti water resistant!

3. You should keep away chemical liquid , fire or height drop!

Question and Answer:

Is iPhone 13 Waterproof?

How waterproof is the iPhone 13?

Is the regular iPhone 13 Waterproof?

  1. Yes, the regular iPhone 13 waterproof is true!
  2. iPhone 13 Waterproof Test IP68 Rating of IP68 under IEC standard 60529 underwater survive 8 meters for 30 minutes long! The past models (maximum depth of 6 meters up to 30 minutes)
  3. iPhone 13 Water resistance will decrease as our daily use
  4. Liquid Damage will out of warranty!


Does iPhone 13 need a waterproof case while iphone design with iPhone 13 waterproof ability?

  1. Yes, iPhone 13 need a waterproof case.
  2. As iphone design with iPhone 13 waterproof ability, but iPhone 13 dropproof, impact, dent and scratch resistant ability is low.
  3. Drop and Impact will easy destory iPhone 13 Water resistance!
  4. If you want to Keep your iPhone 13 well away from liquid damage, you should better protecting your iPhone 13 from drop and impact!


Can the iPhone 13 go underwater?

  1. Yes, the iPhone 13 can go underwater as a new iPhone 13 with strongest waterproof ability. for a used iPhone 13, please do not used the iPhone 13 go underwater directly , Recommend use a iPhone 13 waterproof case!


Can iPhone 13 Take Pictures underwater?

Can I take pictures underwater with iPhone 13?

  • Yes, iPhone 13 can Take Pictures underwater for an iPhone new buy because iPhone 13 water resistance is strongest! for a used iPhone 13, please do not used the iPhone 13 Take Pictures underwater directly, Recommend use a waterproof iPhone 13 case!

Can I take my iPhone 13 Snorkeling?

  • Yes, I can take my iPhone 13 Snorkeling while an iPhone 13 New get because it's waterproof ability is strongest! for a used iPhone 13, please do not take my iPhone 13 Snorkeling directly, Recommend use a waterproof Case for iPhone 13!


Can I take my iPhone 13 in the shower?

  1. Yes, I can take my iPhone 13 in the shower several times as a new iPhone 13 for it's waterproof ability strongest
  2. However, iPhone 13 Waterproof Test not including Steam Test!
  3. If you need to take iPhone 13 in the shower long term use, recommend use a waterproof case iPhone 13.


Can I wash my iPhone 13?

  1. Yes, I can wash my iPhone 13 as a new iPhone 13
  2. For a used iPhone 13, do not wash with water , recommend using a wash cloth!
  3. If you used a iPhone 13 Case waterproof, you can only wash the case is ok!


What do you do if your iPhone 13 gets wet?

  1. The following steps:
  2. Use dry cloth to dry the iPhone 13 when it gets wet.
  3. Put the iPhone 13 under flow cool air for more than 24 hours.


How do I get water out of my iPhone 13?

  1. The steps:
  2. Use dry cloth to dry the iPhone 13 when it gets wet.
  3. stand the iPhone 13 and Let it charging port towards under 


Can iPhone 13 Wireless Charging?

  1. Yes, iPhone 13 Wireless Charging Support!