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iPhone 13 Mini Battery Case Charging Cover
iPhone 13 Mini Battery Case Charging Cover rechargeable portable charger
iPhone 13 Mini Battery Case Charging Cover power bank easy used
iPhone 13 Mini Battery Case Charging Cover charge juice power bank pack
iPhone 13 Mini Charging Case


iPhone 13 Mini Battery Case Charging Cover Extended Charge Juice Slim Rechargeable Portable Charger Extra Battery Life External Power Bank Backup Pack

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iPhone 13 Mini Battery Case

Charging Cover Extended Charge Juice

Battery Case for iPhone 13 Mini Released September, 2021


Top Capacity: 4700mAh

External Backup Power Bank Pack Supply Powerstation

Adding Extra Battery Life

No worry about the iPhone 13 Mini battery run out!

Adding Extra iPhone 13 Mini battery using time as:

More iPhone 13 Mini calling Time, More video watching time, More music listening time, More gaming play time, More internet surfing time, More standby time and so on

Best performance used for : Travel, on business, on a plane ,working place not convenient charging!

Rechargeable - Recharge design

Portable Charger - Slim design - lightweight material -  adding not bulk

Thinner and lightweight than power bank!

Easy take with - put in pocket easy!

Taken on Airplane no problem


Samrt Instelligent Secure Safe Protection:

Short Circuit Protection

IC Protection

Over Voltage Protection

Over Current Protection

Temperature Protection

Over Charging Protection


Durable material and technology manufacture design

TOP Quality Advanced li-ion battery based + Technology IC chip

Reduce power loss or most of  charging problem compare with other battery case

4 LED Indicator - Easy use design

display how much the battery juice left:

1 LED display indicator  0% - 25% Battery left 

2 LED display indicator 25% - 50% Battery left 

3 LED display indicator 50% - 75% Battery left 

4 LED display indicator 75% - 100% Battery left 


Easy install off / on

Push the iPhone 13 Mini from the top case into the case slowly, make sure the case charging plugin to iPhone 13 Mini charging port correctly!


Charging Power control Button -  Click the button 3 second to charging or stop.


Anti Shock Protection

Shock Absorbing TPU + Hard PC instructure

Full Coverage Protection

Prevent most of sudden drop

Saving extra expensive iPhone 13 Mini repair cost!

Scratch Resistant

Lightning Charging Port Design - Charging and sync without take off the case!


Comfortable touch feeling


Support all Earbuds and wireless Bluetooth earbuds!


Not support Wireless Charging! - To save battery instead of lost!

Not support Fast Charging!


Be careful:

Please keep away from heat , fire, liquid etc.

Not support fast charger

Please use the original charging cable!


Question and answer:

Is it bad to charge iPhone 13 Mini overnight?

Can I leave my iPhone 13 Mini charging overnight?

  1. Yes, I can leave my iPhone 13 Mini charging overnight - it is not bad to  charge iPhone 13 Mini overnight!
  2. As advanced secure IC technology protection developed, the iPhone 13 Mini battery IC Control will stop charging when fully charged.


Do battery cases ruin iPhone 13 Mini battery?

  1. No, the battery cases do not ruin iPhone 13 Mini battery!
  2. The battery cases charging current and voltage are the same as original charger standard, with the secure over-current protection and IC protection, it's safe to use the iPhone 13 Mini Battery Cases.


How long does the iPhone 13 Mini battery last?

  1. No exact answer, depends on the app and phone using type, video, listing, gaming play  and so on.
  2. Video watching or gaming play only last long few hours.
  3. Internet surfing or listing will last more than 10 hours long
  4. Always the iPhone 13 Mini battery last no more than one day.


Why is my iPhone 13 Mini battery draining so fast?

  • Usually the Wake function open and it will light up your iPhone often, that's why my iPhone 13 Mini battery draining so fast.


Do you really need a Battery case for iPhone 13 Mini?

  • Yes, you really need a Battery case for iPhone 13 Mini as the situation you need the iPhone 13 Mini last longer while no time or not convenient to charging.


Can a phone case affect iPhone 13 Mini battery life?

  • Most of the phone case can not affect iPhone 13 Mini battery life except metal case affect signal and too bulk case not easy radiating.


Can you turn off the Apple iPhone 13 Mini charging case?

  • Yes, usually you can turn off the Apple iPhone 13 Mini charging case by long press the power button for few seconds


Does iPhone 13 Mini have MagSafe?

What is a MagSafe battery?

Does MagSafe work with iPhone 13 Mini?

  • Yes, iPhone 13 Mini have MagSafe and MagSafe work with iPhone 13 Mini.


At what percentage should I charge my iPhone 13 Mini?

How often should I charge my iPhone 13 Mini?

  1. Should I charge my new iPhone 13 Mini for 8 hours?
  2. When my battery percentage under 20% should I charge my iPhone 13 Mini.
  3. As li-ion battery design, you can charging your phone whenever you want.
  4. No limited charge my new iPhone 13 Mini for 8 hours or other time.


Why does iPhone 13 Mini have no charger?

Is iPhone 13 Mini sold without charger?

  • Apple says to reduce environmental impact for customer has lots of charger today.


Will iPhone 13 Mini have wireless charging?

  • Yes, iPhone 13 Mini will have wireless charging


Will the iPhone 13 have a battery case?
  • Yes, the iPhone 13 have a battery case, recommend Lvmous iPhone 13 Mini battery case.