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Waterproof iPhone 8 Case


Waterproof iPhone 8 Case

With built in screen protector IP68 Rating Water Resistant Full Sealed Take Pictures Underwater Best for Snorkeling Swimming Surfing Paddle Kayaking Rafting Fishing Boating Ocean activity Skiing Snowproof Beach activity Sandproof Anti Dust Dirtproof 

Military Grade 810G Armor Rugged Thin Cover Design Not Heavy Duty But Providing Heavy Duty Protection Shockproof made of Shock Absorbing TPU material Full Body protection

Scratch Resistant

Wireless Charging Support


Is the iPhone 8 waterproof?

Is iPhone 8 IP68 Water Resistant?

  1. Yes, iPhone 8 IP68 Waterproof Rating standard - iPhone 8 have a rating of IP67 under IEC standard 60529 (maximum depth of 1 meter up to 30 minutes)

  2. Please Note:

  3. the iPhone 8 Water Resistance will decrease as we use

  4. Any Drop, Dent, Scratch or even repair will destory the waterproof ability

  5. A new iPhone water resistant is strongest

  6. A used iPhone we don't know how much waterproof left

  7. Liquid damage will out of warranty!


How long can an iPhone 8 stay underwater?

  • An iPhone 8 stay underwater can up to 30 minutes long


Can iPhone 8 take pictures underwater?

  • For  a new iPhone 8 can take pictures underwater below 1 meter up to 30 minutes
  • for a used iPhone 8 , please do not take photos underwater


Can I take my iPhone 8 in the shower?

  • For  a new iPhone 8 can take your iPhone 8 in the shower
  • for a used iPhone 8 , please do not take my iPhone 8 in the shower


What do I do if I dropped my iPhone 8 in water?

  • If the water depth  below 1 meters and less than 30 minutes, problebly ok , just dry it.
  • If over the IP68 Standard, an iPhone 8 maybe liquid damage


What happens if I drop my iPhone 8 in the toilet?

  • Please dry the iPhone 8 first to identfy wether it is ok if drop my iPhone 8 in the toilet


How much is it to fix water damaged iPhone 8?

  • The cost of fix water damaged iPhone depend on which Components broken, different Components have different price


How can you tell if iPhone has water damage 8?

Water Damage will out of warranty