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Waterproof iPhone 13 Case


Waterproof iPhone 13 Case with built in screen protector IP68 Rating Waterproof Design

Underwater Full Sealed Water Resistant 

Best performance used for Swimming Snorkeling kayaking surfing fishing boating etc.

Military Grade iPhone 13 Case Shockproof Armor Rugged Case Full Body protection Dropproof.

Best performance used for running walking hiking camping climming hiking.

Anti Scratch

Wireless Charging Support!

iPhone 13 Underwater Photography


Is the iPhone 13 Waterproof?

  • Yes, the iPhone 13 Waterproof is true! IP68 Rating Water resistant!


Why we need a iPhone 13 waterproof case?

  1. Yes, we need a iPhone 13 waterproof case.
  2. As iPhone 13 waterproof IP68 Rating but come with lower protection of drop, shock, impact or ever repair will result in losing waterproof ability!
  3. Liquid damage will out of warranty!
  4. We need batter protection our expensive iPhone 13 from liquid damage!