Waterproof iPhone 11 Cases


Waterproof iPhone 11 Cases

With Built-in Screen Protector IP68 Certified Waterproof Standard Full Sealed Take Photos Underwater case for swimming Snorkeling Diving Surfing boating fishing

Snowproof for Skiing Sandproof for Beach Ball and other Activity

Life Sweat Splash Rain Water Proof

Military Grade Anti Shock Dropproof Armor Rugged Full Protection

Shockproof Case for climming hiking camping sports running walking biking etc.


Is iPhone 11 Waterproof?

Is an iPhone 11 IP68 Water Resistant?

  • Yes, iPhone 11 Waterproof IP68 Rating Water Resistant, IP68 IEC standard 60529 underwater 2 meters 6.6ft for 30 minutes

  • Please Note:

  • iPhone 11 Waterproof ability will decrease as our daily use

  • Any dent drop scratch and even repairing will destory water resistance

  • We don't know how much waterproof ability left!

  • Liquid damage will out of warranty!


Can iPhone 11 take underwater pictures?

  • For a new iPhone 11 can iPhone 11 take underwater pictures underwater, for a iPhone 11 now new, suggest using a Waterproof iPhone 11 Cases


Can I wash my iPhone 11?

  • For a iPhone 11 new phone or no any damage, it iPhone 11 can wash


What do I do if I dropped my iPhone 11 in water?

  • for water under IP68 standard, dry it and cool it will be ok
  • for water over IP68 Rating, the iPhone 11 will be liquid damage


Which case is best for iPhone 11?

  • Does iPhone 11 need a waterproof case?
  • Yes, recommend the iPhone 11 Waterproof Case built in screen protection IP68 Certified Military Grade full Body Protection better protecting your phone!


Is the iPhone 11 waterproof and unbreakable?

  • No, the iPhone 11 waterproof is ok ,but it can breakable!