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Waterproof Case for Pixel 5a


Waterproof Case for Pixel 5a

with built in screen Protector IP68 Certified Military-Grade Anti Shock Armor Rugged Case Full Body Protection Thin Transparent Cover Take Pictures underwater Used for Swimming, Snorkeling,Surfing,Rafting,Paddle,skiing, beach ball and activity sandproof life sweat rain water proof scratch resistant wireless charging support good quality


Is Pixel 5a waterproof?

Google Pixel official no any information of pixel 5a waterproof! As tested the past pixel models, it will have strong water resistance! probably close IP67 (?)


Is there a waterproof case for pixel 5a?

Yes, waterproof case for pixel 5a IP68 Rating with built in screen protector full body rugged cover!


Do you need a case for pixel 5a?

Yes, if you want your pixel 5a water resistant and better protecting your phone.

Waterproof case full body protection better protecting than normal case