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Samsung Galaxy S8 Waterproof Case

Samsung Galaxy S8 Waterproof Case

With Built-in Screen Protector IP68 Certified Military-Grade Anti Shock Rugged Armor Full Protection Snowproof Dustproof Sandproof Thin and Lightweight Material Design Not Heavy Duty Transparent Cover Take Photos Underwater Full SealedSurfing Swimming Rafting Paddle Skiing Beach Ball Life Raing Water Sweat Proof Anti Scratch Wireless Charging Supporting Good Quality

Waterproof Case for Samsung Galaxy S8


Is the Samsung Galaxy S8 waterproof?

Is the Samsung S8 IP68 Water Resistant?

  1. Yes, Samsung Galaxy S8 IP68 Rating Waterproof Design, submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5m in freshwater for up to thirty minutes.
  2. Attention Please: A new phone is waterpoof not mean a used phone water resistant too for it will decrease as we use , we don't how much it's left and liquid damage will out of warranty
  3. Dent, Damage,Drop,Scratch will destory the Water Resistance!
  4. Please using a waterproof case to defend water, rain or sweat!

How long can the Samsung Galaxy S8 be underwater?

  • For a new S8, it could be underwater for 3 minutes for not deeper than 1.5 meters.


Can I take my S8 in the shower?

Can I take pictures underwater with my Galaxy S8?

  • From Samsung we know it not suggest for shower or take pictures underwater, from the reviewer test, for a new phone, it could take pictures  and take your S8 in the shower under the IP68 Standard (1.5M for 30 minutes)

What do I do if I dropped my S8 in water?

  • Please Pick up your S8 from water and dry it using dry cloth  , Stable it under cool air.

Can a repaired S8 still be waterproof?

  • No, Repair S8 need to open Back Cover and it will detory the S8 Water Resistance!

Is the Galaxy S8 waterproof with a cracked screen?

  • No, it maybe won't waterproof

What is the best protective case for Samsung Galaxy S8 ?

  • Please by the Samsung Galaxy S8 with built-in Screen Protector Full Body Protection and Rugged Protective, Protecting your phone well!


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