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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Battery Case


Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Battery Case

Charging Cover Extended Charge Portable Rechargeable Charger External Juice Power Bank Backup Pack Protection Advanced Lithium-ion Battery S21 Ultra Cases Power Pack Box Better Quality

Not Supporting Wireless Charging

Fast Charging Not Support


Does the battery case ruin your battery?

Is Samsung battery case bad for your phone?

  • No, the battery Case Electric Voltage and Electric Current output as a normal charger, no any bad or ruin your phone battery.


Can you turn battery case off?

  • Yes, Just click the power button for 3S.


How long does the S21 ultra battery case last?

  • Depend on how you using the battery case:
  • Talking time up to 32 hours;
  • Video play time up to 20 hours;
  • Play game time up to 13 hours;
  • Audio play time up to 65 hours.