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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Waterproof Case


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Waterproof Case

Wth Built-in Screen Protector IP68 Standard Military-Grade Anti Shock Full Protection Rugged Cover Snowproof Anti Dust Take Photos Underwater Rain Sweat Water Resistant Full Sealed Swimming Surfing Bathing Showering Outdoor Activity Good Quality Samsung Waterproof Case

Samsung Note 10 Waterproof Case


Is the note 10 waterproof?

Is note 10 IP68 Water Resistant?

  • Yes, Samsung Note 10 IP68 Certified Water Resistant Rating (submersion in up to 1.5 meters of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. )
  • Please note, the note 10 waterproof ability strongest when the phone new buy, the water resistance will decrease as we use, and drop , scratch , dent and repair will destory the water resistant ability damage.

Can I use my note 10 in the shower?

  • Yes, for a phone new buy, for a used phone, we don't know how much the waterproof ability left, recommend using a waterproof case


Is the note 10 waterproof without the pen?

  • Yes, the note 10 waterproof without the pen!

Does note 10 have wireless charging?

  • Yes , note 10 have wireless charging support!


Does Note 10 have super fast charging?

  • Yes, Note 10 have super fast charging of 45W 


How fast can the note 10 charge?

  • The speed of the note 10 charge can suppport 45W



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