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Samsung Galaxy A72 Waterproof Case


Samsung Galaxy A72 Waterproof Case

  • Built in Screen Protector
  • IP68 Rating Waterproof Protective
  • Full Sealed Transparent Underwater Cover
  • Military-Grade Shockproof Protection
  • Rugged Cover not heavy duty
  • Slim and Easy to install
  • Support Wireless Charging

Waterproof Case for Samsung Galaxy A72


Is The Samsung A72 Waterproof?

Is A72 5G waterproof?

Is Samsung A72 IP68?

Is Samsung Galaxy A72 waterproof?

  • Yes, Waterproof, Samsung A72 has a rating of IP67 Waterproof Standard, not IP68!


Does Samsung A72 need a waterproof case?

  • Yes, Dent or drop will damage the waterproof ability and liquid damage out of warranty, you need a galaxy a72 waterproof case IP68 standard to protecting your phone well!


Does Samsung A72 5G have Gorilla Glass?

  • Yes, Samsung A72 5G have Gorilla Glass 5, Corning Gorilla Glass!