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OnePlus 8T Waterproof Case


OnePlus 8T Waterproof Case

With Built in Screen Protector IP68 Clear 360 Degree Full Body Protection Shockproof Cover Dirtproof Snowproof Good Quality


Is The Oneplus 8T Water Resistant?

Is OnePlus 8T Waterproof?

Does OnePlus 8T have IP68?

  1. Oneplus 8T 5G Water Tesistant all we learn:
  2. Oneplus official not have the information Oneplus 8T 5G is Waterproof or not;
  3. T-Mobile show it's Oneplus 8T version with IP68 certification;
  4. From the with Oneplus 8T design and Past Oneplus 7T / 7 series, the Oneplus 8T do the waterproof built work;
  5. From many Reviewer of Oneplus 8T water resistant test: Oneplus 8T has the waterproof ability;
  6. Though Oneplus 8T Water Tesistant Test ok, but probably not IP68 Grade!


Is Oneplus 8T 5G iP68 Waterproof

  • Oneplus official not have waterproof information,Oneplus 8T reality test waterproof,but now sure if it  has ip68 Grade


Is Oneplus 8T Water Resistant in India

  • The Oneplus 8T official has no more information of information of water resistant  india, the reviewer test the Oneplus 8T waterproof well