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OnePlus 8 Waterproof Case

OnePlus 8 Waterproof Case

Built in Screen Protector IP68 Rating 360 Full Body Protection Shockproof Dirtproof Snowproof good quality


Is the OnePlus 8 waterproof?

Is OnePlus 8 IP68 certified?

  • OnePlus 8 water Resistant information we have:
  • OnePlus 8 official do not have any data about oneplus 8 waterproof standard
  • Verizon show it's Oneplus 8 version with IP68 certification
  • From lots of OnePlus 8 waterproof Test video, we know, OnePlus 8 has a powerful Waterproof design ,mostly close to IP68 standard
  • From many video of Disassemble, OnePlus 8 built waterproof material
  • Most of customer think the oneplus 8 design with waterproof feature close to IP68, but not publish to all of us

Is OnePlus 8 water resistant in India

  • All of OnePlus 8 sold global is the same.
  • No official data of waterproof ,but has power waterproof approach IP68