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Oneplus 7T Pro Waterproof Case

Oneplus 7T Pro Waterproof Case

Built in Screen Protector IP68 Rating Water Resistant Military-Grade Armor Rugged Case Anti Shock Full Body Protection Dustproof Snowproof Scratch Resistant Full Sealed Take Photos Underwater Used for Swimming Surfing Snorkeling Showering Bathing Good Quality Oneplus Waterproof Case for Oneplus 7T Pro


Is The Oneplus 7T Waterproof?

is Oneplus 7T Pro Waterproof?

is Oneplus 7T Pro IP68 Water Resistant?

  1. From Oneplus Official, we can't find any data of Oneplus 7T Pro Waterproof!

  2. From the reviewer's test, Oneplus 7T Pro can water Resistant some degree, maybe approaching IP67 waterproof rating standard

  3. Recommend used for life water splash proof, not recommend using Oneplus 7T Pro for water resistant

  4. If you want to used resistant more water, please using a Oneplus 7T Pro Waterproof Case!




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