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Moto Z4 Waterproof Case


Moto Z4 Waterproof Case

 Built in Screen Protector IP68 Water Resistant Rating Military Grade Rugged CaseThin Cover Full Body Protection Not Heavy Duty Full Sealed Take Photos Underwater Best used for Swimming Snorkeling Diving Surfing Fishing boating Rafting kayaking skiing beach and ocean acitivity etc.

Shockproof used for outdoor and sport activitys , Caming hiking climming running walking hiking etc.

Anti Scratch 


Is the Moto Z4 waterproof?

Is the MOTO Z water resistant?

  • No, the Moto Z4 waterproof not support, the MOTO Z water resistant no any certified data.


Can Moto Z4 take pictures underwater?

  • No, Moto Z4 can not take pictures underwater.

Can take Moto Z4 in shower?

  • NO. Moto Z4 can not take in shower

Does the Moto Z4 have wireless charging?

  • No, the Moto Z4 have wireless charging not support


Does the Moto Z4 have Gorilla Glass?

  • Yes, the Moto Z4 have Gorilla Glass 5.


Does the Moto Z4 have a shatterproof screen?

  • Yes, the Moto Z4 have a shatterproof screen, Gorilla Glass 3 shatter-resistant

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