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Is The Oneplus 7T Waterproof? Is Oneplus 7T Waterproof?

Ready for exciting activity as underwater photograph snorkeling swimming surfing kayaking Rafting and want to know Oneplus 7T is Waterproof or not.

Is The Oneplus 7T Waterproof?

Is Oneplus 7T Waterproof?

Is Oneplus 7T Water Resistant?

  1. No, The Oneplus 7T Waterproof is not true! but Oneplus 7T has do some water resistant design!

  2. From Oneplus Official - There is no any information of Oneplus 7T Waterproof yes or no!

  3. From Reviewer‘s Disassemble and test, Oneplus 7T do simple water resistant design work, not IP68, problebly closely IP67, oneplus 7t is waterproof for life water, splash, sweat, rain proof!

  4. If you want to used Oneplus 7T underwater photography swimming snorkeling surfing and so on, recommend using a Oneplus 7T Waterproof Case. 


Is OnePlus 7T wireless charging?

  • No, OnePlus 7T wireless charging support is not true!


Does OnePlus 7T have Gorilla Glass?

  • Yes , OnePlus 7T have Gorilla Glass 5 -drop-resistant Corning®


Is OnePlus 7T scratch resistant?

  • Yes, OnePlus 7T scratch resistant material design, but not enough for long anti scratch, recommend using a OnePlus 7T case.


Can I use OnePlus 7T without screen protector?

  • Yes, I Can use OnePlus 7T without screen protector, however, as oneplus 7t long use , recommend using a case for OnePlus 7T .


Does OnePlus 7T need screen protector?

  • Yes, OnePlus 7T need screen protector as oneplus 7t has corning Gorilla Glass 5 anti scratch, still recommend using a screen protector for oneplus 7t for sudden hard drop to save expensive repairing cost!


Which tempered glass is best for OnePlus 7T?

  • 9H tempered glass is best for OnePlus 7T.


Does OnePlus 7T have a headphone jack?

  • No, OnePlus 7T do not have a headphone jack


 Is OnePlus 7T worth buying in 2021?

  • Yes, OnePlus 7T worth buying in 2021 for the price!

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