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Is The LG Reflect Waterproof? Is LG Reflect Water Resistant?

Ready for exciting adventure as swimming snorkeling kayaking boating fishing and need to know whether the LG Reflect is waterproof or water resistant?

Is The LG Reflect Waterproof?

Is LG Reflect Waterproof?

Is LG Reflect Water Resistant?

  1. No, The LG Reflect Waterproof is not support!
  2. From LG official - we can't find any information of The LG Reflect Waterproof, not IP67 nor IP68 Rating Water Resistant.


Can LG Reflect take pictures underwater?

  1. No, LG Reflect can not take pictures underwater. 
  2. If you need LG Reflect take pictures underwater, recommend using a LG Reflect Waterproof Case.


Can take LG Reflect swimming in the pool?

  1. No, LG Reflect can not taken swimming in the pool. 
  2. If you need LG Reflect take LG Reflect swimming in the pool, recommend using a Waterproof LG Reflect Case.


Can take LG Reflect in the Shower?

  1. No, Can not take LG Reflect in the Shower. 
  2. If you need take LG Reflect in the Shower, recommend using a Waterproof Case for LG Reflect.


Can you charge the LG reflect wirelessly?

  • No, you can not charge the LG reflect wirelessly.


Does LG Reflect need a screen protector?

  • Yes, LG Reflect need a screen protector for anti scratch.

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