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iPhone Diving Case

iPhone Diving Case

Full Seaed Professional diving phone case waterproof dive box iphone underwater photography housing

Full Body Protection Waterproof Dustproof Snowproof underwater phone case taking Video best used for Scuba Diving Snorkeling

great for Surfing Swimming Fishing Rafting underwater accessories housing with Lanyard 

Sweatproof Rainproof good used for Climming Hiking Camping cycling skiing outdoor Protective.

Sandproof for Beach and ocean Actitivy

Can I take my iPhone scuba diving?

Can I take my iPhone 13 scuba diving?

Can I take my iPhone 12 scuba diving?

Can I take my iPhone 11 scuba diving?

  • No,new iPhone 13 / 12 / 11water Resistant test under fresh water, usually we use iphone for diving environment is harder than laboratory test, so you can't take my iphone 13 scuba diving!


iPhone Series Diving Case Underwater Photography

iPhone 14 Pro Max Diving case / iPhone 14 Pro Diving case /iPhone 14 Diving case

iPhone 13 Pro Max Diving case / iPhone 13 Pro Diving case /iPhone 13 Diving case

iPhone 13 Mini Diving case / iPhone SE 2022 Diving case

iPhone 12 Pro Max Diving case / iPhone 12 pro max underwater housing

iPhone 12 pro Diving case / iPhone 12 Diving case / iPhone 12 Mini Diving case

iPhone 11 pro max Diving case / iPhone 11 pro Diving case

iPhone SE 2020 Diving case / iPhone SE Diving case

iPhone XS Max Diving case / iPhone XS Diving case / iPhone XR Diving case

iPhone X Max Diving case / iphone x underwater photography

iPhone 8 Plus Diving case / iPhone 8 Diving case

iPhone 7 Plus Diving case / iPhone 7 Diving case

iPhone 6S Plus Diving case / iPhone 6S Diving case

iPhone 6 Plus Diving case / iPhone 6 Diving case

iPhone 5S Diving case / iPhone 5 Diving case

iphone underwater case dive shields phone case universal diving phone case

waterproof case for underwater pictures