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iPhone 13 Pro Silicone Case


iPhone 13 Pro Silicone Case

with Magsafe built in magnetci attch fast wireless charging support Clear TPU rubber Soft Touch protect your iPhone 13 Pro from Scratches and Drops

Romance Transparent bumper

Enhanced Camera and Screen Protection

Anti Scratch Shockproof Back cover Full Coverage Protective

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Silicone Case colors

Silicone iphone 13 Pro case

iPhone 13 Pro case silicone


Is silicone case bad for iPhone 13 Pro?

  1. No, the silicone case is not bad for iPhone 13 Pro
  2. The iPhone 13 Pro Silicone Case providing good protection and soft touch confortable feeling.


Can iPhone 13 Pro silicone case get wet?

  • No, iPhone 13 Pro silicone case can not get wet for the iPhone 13 Pro silicone case not waterproof.