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iPhone 13 Floating Case

iPhone 13 Floating Case

Waterproof iPhone Pouch IPX8 Rating Full Sealed Floating Case Prevent iPhone 13 From Sink Easy to Finding Clear Transparent Bag Sponge

Great used in swimming pool, ocean

Waterproof Case With Lanyard Strap Floating Cover IP68 Water Resistant Go underwater take pictures underwater

Floating Phone Case


Can I dive with iPhone 13 ?

Yes, I can dive with iPhone 13 as a new iPhone 13 under IP68 condition

for a used iPhone 13, please do not dive with iPhone 13 directly as iPhone 13 Water Resisance will decrease as our daily use, Please using a Waterproof iPhone 13 Case or iPhone 13 Waterproof Pouch.


Does iPhone 13 need a waterproof case?
Yes, iPhone 13 need a waterproof case as it's IP68 Waterproof Design but come with weak protection of drop, impact or scratch, for they will destory the waterproof abiltiy!
To keep you water resistant ability last longer and better protecting your iPhone 13, you really need a iPhone 13 waterproof case