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Google Pixel 4a Waterproof Case


Google Pixel 4a Waterproof Case

Built-in Screen Protector IP68 Certified Crystal Clear Full Body Protection Full Sealed Dustproof Snowproof Shockproof Good Quality

Best performance used for swimming snorkeling kayaking, paddle rafting, fishing,boating, beach and ocean play!


Is the Google Pixel 4a Waterproof?

Is pixel 4a waterproof?

Is Pixel 4a 5G Water Resistant

Is 4a 5G waterproof?

  • Google pixel 4a official google store show us no IP Rating Water Resistant protection, no any Pixel 4a waterproof rating test standard


Does the Google pixel 4a need a case?

  • Google pixel 4a has no any information of  IP Rating pixel 4a water resistance or shockproof Protection statement , to procting your phone well and save your money of repair,You need a case for anti shock, anti dust and anti water, sweat, splash proof and rain.


Is there a waterproof case for pixel 4a?

Waterproof case for Pixel 4a 5G

Best waterproof case for Pixel 4a waterproofing

  • Yes, Lvmous Google Pixel 4a waterproof case has a ip68 Rating protection! Good buying choice