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Floating Phone Case


Floating Phone Case

Keep your phone Floating protected while you are in activity relate water, a floating phone case is best for you!

Best performance used for Boating Kayaking swimming surfing fishing etc.

Phone take pictures underwater / record underwater / underwater photography

Waterproof Floating Phone Case Pouch Cover


Can phones float in water?

  • No, no any original phones float in water without sink ! lots of them without water resistant will result liquid damage.


Is there a phone case that floats?

There are 3 version phone case that floats

  1. a Phone case that floats automatical
  2. a Phone Pouch that can floats itself
  3. a waterproof phone case with floats lanyard strap


How do I make my phone float?

How can I make my phone waterproof and float?

  1. You should using the case that can float my phone
  2. Using either a phone case floats, phone pouch or a waterproof phone case


How can I protect my phone while boating?

How can I protect my phone from a boat?

  • You can protect my phone while boating buy using a phone case that floats to make you phone without sink in water and can't find!


What is the best waterproof floating phone case?

  • The best waterproof floating phone case is using a waterproof phone case with lanyard strap, if you do not need to used for floats, you can take it off can use the waterproof cover as a normal phone case!