Floating iPhone Case

Floating iPhone Case

Keep your iPhone floating!

For Swimming, Boating, Fishing, Surfing, Snorkeling etc.

No Sink!

Easy to find!

Catch Easy!


Waterproof required:

IP68 Certified

High Level Diving Case


iPhone Floating Case:

Floating Lanyard for iPhone

Floating phone Holder

Lanyard Float

Case with Floating Strap


Waterproof Floating iPhone Case

Floating iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Floating iPhone 12 ProCase

Floating iPhone 12 Case

Floating iPhone 12 Mini Case

Floating iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

iPhone 11 Pro Floating Case

iPhone 11 Floating Case

Floating iPhone XS Max Case

Floating iPhone XS Case

iPhone XR Floating Case

Floating iPhone X Max Case

Floating iPhone X Case

iPhone 8 Floating Case

Floating Universal Waterproof Box

Floatable Phone Case




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