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Cell Phone Dry Bags


Cell Phone Dry Bags

UP to 7 inch IPX8 100 ft cellphone dry bag

Underwater dry bags for phones

cell phone waterproof bag 

Great waterproof phone bag for Swimming, snorkeling,boating,surfing,beach activity,pools,kayaking and other water activity

Could be using for most of phone devices

waterproof bag mobile for Apple | iPhone | Samsung Galaxy | Google Pixel | Oneplus | Huawei | Xiaomi | Oppo | Vivo


waterproof phone bag in store


Can you submerge a dry bag?

  • The Dry Bag over IP68 standard can submerge


How can I keep my phone dry in water?

Do waterproof bags for phones work?

  • Underwater keep phone dry by using a waterproof phone bag, it will really do water resistant work.
  • Different IPX8 standard have different underwater depth of waterproof

What do you use a dry bag for?

  • waterproof bag for phones and keys
  • waterproof phone bag for swimming
  • Best waterproof phone pouch for snorkeling






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