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Do waterproof phone cases really work?

Do waterproof phone cases really work?

Yes,few top brand certified waterproof phone cases really work, you should make sure Choosing the top quality brand waterproof cases !

Most of water-proof case brand are made for life water proof,so they could only used for water-drop, splash or sweat.

The really waterproof phone cases alway have the waterproof standard such as IPX8 standard, if you find a case with IP68 Certified,the cell phone cover will have high level Water-resistant ability working.

IP68 Certified Covers Tested before sale:

Drop Tested over 1000 times from 6.6 in / 2 meters height

Underwater Tested over 30 minutes deep from 6.6 in / 2 meters However,different designer have different quality,so you should choose the top brand waterproof Phone cases,Recommend Lvmous brand,lifeproof brand etc. They worth! You can buy them for waterproof phone case for android and apple .They really does really effective waterproof jobs

Finally,when you got the right case,but not meaning phone's covers really worked,you shold read the instructions carefully and following the install steps to make sure the case full sealed and do paper test before using,if all the steps no problem,then it will do waterproof work underwater! 


You can use your waterproof phone case for swimming!

Please note: Please do not choose the cheap case! Lots of these case are fake water-resistant!

Waterproof Phone Pouch

Waterproof Phone bag water resistant ability not strong as waterproof case,the strong water poof case construture conbine rugged protective material Plastic , TPU,metal etc. even the best floating waterproof phone pouch can not using underwater too deep!

Diving Case

Few of waterproof box have the strong water resistant,you can use them for diving best waterproof phone case for snorkeling

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