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iPhone IPX8

iPhone IPX8 Waterproof Rating? What does IPX8 stand for? "IP" stand for : Ingress Protection  "X" stand for : no data available specify the protect level Usually means : no test The number stand for : solids protection level "8" stand for : Immersion at least 1 meters, higher quality product will up to 3meters (3.3ft-9.8ft) The number stand for : Liquid protection level IPX8 waterproof rating / IPX8 Wwaterproof Test What does ipx8 waterproof mean? IPX8 Stands for : The product IPX8 test could immersion at least 1 meters,no test for solid protection IPX8 Shower Safe   IP68 What does IP68 mean? 6 stand for : dustproof 8 stand for : undetwater test from 1 meter deep IP68 waterproof Meaning: IP68 stand...

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Do waterproof phone cases really work?

Do waterproof phone cases really work? Yes,few top brand certified waterproof phone cases really work, you should make sure Choosing the top quality brand waterproof cases ! Most of water-proof case brand are made for life water proof,so they could only used for water-drop, splash or sweat. The really waterproof phone cases alway have the waterproof standard such as IPX8 standard, if you find a case with IP68 Certified,the cell phone cover will have high level Water-resistant ability working. IP68 Certified Covers Tested before sale: Drop Tested over 1000 times from 6.6 in / 2 meters height Underwater Tested over 30 minutes deep from 6.6 in / 2 meters However,different designer have different quality,so you should choose the top brand...

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Can iPhone 12 Take Pictures underwater? And iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 12 Pro Max iPhone 12 Mini

Can iPhone 12 Take Pictures Underwater? Can iPhone 12 Pro Take Pictures Underwater? Can the iPhone 12 Pro Max Take Pictures Underwater? Can iPhone 12 Mini Take Pictures Underwater? Can the iPhone 12 go underwater?   iPhone 12 Underwater Mode The Apple iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 mini have a waterproof ability standard IP68 Certified (deep to 6 meters for 30 minutes max).   So,when you receive a new iphone,you could use the iPhone 12 Take Photo Underwater for depth to 6 meters less than half an hour,the iphone will be ok   However the Waterproof ability of iPhone is not the same all the time.The best performance of the iphone 12 waterproof...

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